RUN EVM: Opcode 1

April 16, 2019, Berlin, Germany

EVM Improvements, Sidechains,
Enterprise Usage, and Trusted Computing

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Join us at RUN EVM: Opcode 1

Join a community interested in improving the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

This includes work on the Ethereum main-net, other public & private chains that make use of the EVM for smart contract execution, trusted computing, and specific sidechain technology approaches.

RUN EVM: OPCODE 1 is the first in a series of EVM centric events.

Limited speaker & sponsor opportunities are still available. Please get in touch with the SPADE team if you are interested in contributing.


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April 16th, 2019 - Full Day Conference
Evening Reception


Josselin Feist, Senior Security Engineer, Trail of Bits
Josselin Feist

Josselin builds tools to review smart contracts and then applies them in our assessments for clients’ platforms. He also provides help and feedback on other blockchain-related projects. Since joining Trail of Bits, Josselin has led the development of Slither and made substantial contributions to Ethersplay. Prior, Josselin received his PhD from Grenoble (France, 2017).

Presenting: SlithIR, An Intermediate Representation of Solidity to enable High Precision Security Analysis

Edan Sorski, Lead Software Engineer, Intel
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Blockchain and Full Stack Expert. Responsible for delivering many blockchain solutions and collaboration with costumers.

Presenting: Using the EVM with Trusted Computing at Intel

Antoine Toulme, ConsenSys
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Antoine works at ConsenSys on the Ethereum protocol and associated solutions. He serves as VP chair for Apache Buildr and used to commit code at Eclipse. Recently, he has spent more time with networking code, especially Secure Scuttlebutt and Canto.

Presenting: Canto - Network Layer Ethereum Sidechain

Grigore Rosu, President & CEO, Runtime Verification

Grigore Rosu is the president and CEO of Runtime Verification, Inc (RV). Runtime Verification Inc. is a startup company aimed at using runtime verification-based techniques to improve the safety, reliability, and correctness of software systems. He is also a professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), where he leads the Formal Systems Laboratory (FSL). His research interests encompass both theoretical foundations and system development in the areas of formal methods, software engineering and programming languages.

Presenting: K Framework, KEVM, the Jello Paper, and IELE

Sean Young, Platform Engineer, Monax

Sean is a maintainer of Hyperledger Burrow at Monax, and sub-maintainer of rc-core and dvb in the Linux kernel. He is interested in compiler and decompiler technology, and reverse engineering. He recently started a new Solidity compiler called solang, written in rust.

Presenting: Hyperledger Burrow and the Burrow EVM

Brooklyn Zelenka, CEO & Chief Scientist, SPADEco

Brooke is CEO & Chief Scientist at the Special Projects & Decentralized Engineering Company. In the world of Ethereum open standards, she is the primary author of ERC902 (token validation) and ERC1066 (status codes), co-author of EIP615 (EVM Static Jumps & Subroutines) and participates as an Ethereum Core Dev. Open source tools and documentation can all be found on the FISSION website.

Presenting: EVM Evolution

Agenda for the Day



Josselin Feist

SlithIR: An Intermediate Representation of Solidity to enable High Precision Security Analysis


Brooklyn Zelenka

EVM Evolution: a roadmap for improving the EVM with modern VM techniques.


Coffee Break

Thank you to Runtime Verification for their support. They formally model and verify smart contracts, consensus protocols, programming languages and virtual machines, and have pioneered many of the techniques used by the community, such as the K-framework and language-independent verification technology


Edan Sorski

Using the EVM with Trusted Computing



Thank you to Trail of Bits for their support. Check out Crytic, their continuous assurance service for smart contracts: it reports build status on every commit and runs a suite of security analyses so you get immediate security feedback.


Antoine Toulme

Canto - Network Layer Ethereum Sidechain: Canto is a collaboration between ConsenSys, Whiteblock and others to build a scalable Ethereum solution by making it possible to run multiple chains behind a network link. We hope to make it easy to dynamically create and destroy side chains, allowing strong incentives to miners, complete freedom to developers and a world of possibilities to users.


Grigore Rosu

K Framework, KEVM, the Jello Paper, and IELE


Sean Young

Hyperledger Burrow and the Burrow EVM: Describes the burrow blockchain and its unique features, for example the implementation of the EVM, which is reused in Fabric and Sawtooth. This is followed by some thoughts on the EVM instruction set and tooling.


Trail of Bits

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Runtime Verification

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